Independent Artist/Producer Emerges Triumphant

Autism Diagnosis & Spousal Abuse Will Not Stop This Creator from Getting His Music and His Message Out to the World


Houston, Texas , 21 Sep 2022 ( -

A child’s diagnosis of the Autism Spectrum would be a harsh blow to almost anyone but add a couple of years of spousal abuse and you could have a recipe for disaster. SLYIDE produced several dark bangers and his lyrical direction, although genuine, was pulling him down even further during this time. Hopelessness began to settle in to bolster his decline.


Life did SLYIDE a real solid, by removing the negative relationship and replacing it with one that has a nurturing, supportive quality that is conducive to the creative process. His lyrics and his beats have undergone significant changes, elevated if you will, to a more positive representation of his talent in the music industry.

“It’s always darkest before the dawn is something I have heard my entire life, but never fully understood its true meaning. I met a wonderful woman and now know that love, support, and inspiration are available to us all and that is motivating to everyone.” ~ SLYIDE

The new single “Dime Piece” is garnishing plenty of attention for SLYIDE and rightfully so, you can feel the positive emotions through the lyrics, and the new style banding beat is just the icing on the cake. This track is a perfect example of how outer influences affect the inner creative process. This one is ear candy for the romantic in us all.

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