Viral Press Releases Editorial Guidelines

1 year ago

At Viral Press Releases, we approve and publish only newsworthy and meaningful news stories. Submitted press releases should have original content and a news 'angle' to get published and featured in the front page.

We don't publish adverts, personal opinions or views , explicit content, spam, blogs, already published news stories, fiction, Cryptocurrency assets or anything related to cryptocurrency trade, duplicate news stories, harmful content, news intended to harm an individual or organization, gambling news, e-liquid, e-cigarette, or vapor news, loan services news, weight loss products adverts, health supplements adverts, sexual enhancement products adverts, overnight get-rich schemes, advice regarding stocks and adverts for black hat SEO services.

These are the guidelines to get your press releases published at Viral Press Releases.

Make your news hook obvious. Without news angle your press release is just an advert. Formulated news angle must be relevant to your target readers.

Craft a catchy, clear, captivating and newsworthy headline. A good headline will encourage your target audience to read on. Without it there is no reader.

Add details and context to your press release headline by adding a sub headline... details you didn't manage to include in the headline.

Get straight to your point in the introduction or lead paragraph, answering these the five questions:

  • Who is involved in the news story - person or company?

  • What 's happening? What's it about?

  • Where did this news story take place?

  • When things happened / will be happening?

  • Why this is important and why this matters to your target readers and journalists?

Your press release introduction or lead paragraph can make or break your news story. By the end of your lead paragraph, your target readers should be able to understand the gist of your news story.

In the second and third paragraph, expand your news story and give more details using the information pyramid. Explain the why and how behind the who and what.

Stick to one news story per press release.

Add media contacts for journalists to get in touch with you. Add a phone number - not just hide behind an email address. Email addresses must be valid and the phone number must be answerable.

Be concise and eliminate fluffs. Press release body length at Viral Press Release is limited to 600 words. Wordiness will dilute rather than add more value to your message. Try to limit your press release to 5 paragraphs - including the lead paragraph.

Write in the third person. don’t use “I”, “we”, or “you”. Write your news story from your client's or organizations's point of view.

Just state the facts and be honest. Don't suggest a product or service is the best.

Eliminate industry jargon that doesn't mean anything to the average reader.

Use bullet points to summarize your news story for skimmers . List all supporting data and numbers.

Insert only relevant quotes from key decision makers, public figures, celebrities, experts, reputable organizations, or company executives. You can also use quotes from event attendees, customers or volunteers.

Spell-check your press release and eradicate spelling and grammatical mistakes before you request to get your news story published. One single spelling mistake or broken URL can destroy all your credibility.

Break long chunks of text into smaller paragraphs. Each paragraph shouldn't be more than 2-3 sentences to make your press release content digestible to your target readers.

If you are announcing an event or new product or service, include a call to action at the end of your press release.

Boost your Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) by adding the relevant keywords, especially in you press release headline, sub heading and the lead paragraph.

If you reference any legal action in your press release, you'll need include to full case details.

Press release content at Viral Press Releases shouldn't contain any link. The only link you can add to your press release is your website URL as part of 'Media Contacts'. If it's a partnership or a merger announcement, you can add the websites of the two parties.

Before you start submitting your press releases, you have to create a business profile for your business or service to use it as news source.


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