Flying High: Hemp Seeds To Replace Airline Peanuts? Featured in “Martha Stewardess ~ Living at 34,000 Feet” Airline Magazine


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San Francisco, California , 05 Feb 2024 ( - Passengers worldwide may soon have a new reason to look forward to their in-flight snacks as Richard H. Davis, the visionary founder of Blue Sun Corporation, introduces Honey Roasted Hemp Nuts, a delicious alternative to the traditional airline peanuts. With the increasing concern over peanut allergies potentially leading to peanut bans on airlines, Davis aims to elevate the in-flight experience with a healthier and more sustainable option.

Blue Sun Corporation's Honey Roasted Hemp Nuts are packs of hemp seeds that boast a taste reminiscent of seasoned beer nuts. Contrary to popular misconception, these Hemp Nuts contain none of the active compounds associated with marijuana, ensuring a safe and enjoyable snacking experience for all passengers. According to Davis, one would have to consume "many, many bags" to feel any psychotropic effects.

While not promising to induce the notorious 'munchies,' Davis admits that Hemp Nuts have a subtle calming effect. Passengers may find themselves in a more relaxed state, potentially leading to a more restful flight. The introduction of this innovative snack aligns with the ongoing discussions about alternative in-flight offerings in the face of potential peanut restrictions.

Currently, Davis is in talks with major airlines, including Southwest and Alaska Airlines, to introduce Hemp Nuts as a peanut substitute. Blue Sun Corporation aims to provide airlines with a snack option that not only caters to the diverse dietary needs of passengers but also aligns with the global push for sustainable and eco-friendly products.

In a surprising turn of events, Hemp Nuts gained recognition in the fictional world through an article in "Martha Stewardess ~ Living at 34,000 Feet" Airline Magazine. Martha Stewardess, a seasoned flight attendant based in San Francisco, has endorsed the Hemp Nuts as a potential game-changer in the aviation snack industry.

About "Martha Stewardess ~ Living at 34,000 Feet" Airline Magazine

"Martha Stewardess ~ Living at 34,000 Feet" Airline Magazine is a fictional yet captivating publication centered around the exciting and sometimes unpredictable life of Martha Stewardess, a well-seasoned Flight Attendant based in San Francisco. The magazine provides a unique perspective on the challenges, adventures, and amusing anecdotes that come with a career in the airline industry.

Martha Stewardess, the titular character, is portrayed as a seasoned professional with an impressive number of flight hours under her wings. Her narrative unfolds in the fast-paced and dynamic world of aviation, where she manages to maintain a delicate balance between providing friendly service to passengers and ensuring a safe, stable, and secure environment aboard the aircraft.

The magazine captures Martha's thrilling experiences as she navigates her way through the skies, hosting hundreds of passengers from all walks of life inside a metal tube hurtling through space at over 500 mph. The publication emphasizes Martha's dedication to her profession, portraying her role not merely as a career but as an addictive and passionate way of life.

While the stories within the magazine are fictional, they draw inspiration from the real-life experiences of flight attendants and the unique challenges they face. "Martha Stewardess" offers readers a glimpse into the captivating, often crazy, and always adventurous life of a flight attendant, providing entertainment and insight into the aviation industry.

The magazine's recent feature on Blue Sun Corporation's Honey Roasted Hemp Nuts highlights its commitment to showcasing innovative products and trends within the airline industry. The endorsement from Martha Stewardess adds a touch of credibility and excitement to Blue Sun Corporation's venture into redefining in-flight snacking.

For more information on Martha Stewardess and her captivating adventures, readers can explore the full archived story at or enjoy the featured story on YouTube.


About Blue Sun Corporation:

Blue Sun Corporation is a pioneering hemp-based snack company committed to offering innovative and sustainable alternatives to traditional snacks. With a focus on health, taste, and environmental impact, Blue Sun Corporation is at the forefront of reshaping the future of in-flight snacking.


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