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La Jolla, California , 05 Feb 2024 ( - This holiday season, Books For Dummies is delighted to present a flavorful gift to popcorn enthusiasts and kitchen novices alike - the MICROWAVE POPCORN BOOK for Dummies []. Authored by Richard H. Davis, the inventive mind behind "BUZZ! POPCORN," The World's First Caffeinated Microwave Popcorn, this book is set to revolutionize the way individuals approach the art of microwave popcorn.


Microwave popcorn has never been more exciting and accessible. The MICROWAVE POPCORN for Dummies Book serves as an ALL-IN-ONE KITCHEN REFERENCE, providing readers with the essential skills and knowledge to master the art of crafting the perfect popcorn snack. Whether you're a seasoned popcorn aficionado or a kitchen novice, this book ensures that everyone can enjoy the delightful experience of homemade microwave popcorn.


[1.] BUZZ! POPCORN Innovation: Learn about the groundbreaking "BUZZ! POPCORN," The World's First Caffeinated Microwave Popcorn, created by Richard H. Davis of La Jolla, California.

[2.] ALL-IN-ONE KITCHEN REFERENCE: Discover the basics of microwave popcorn preparation, ensuring a delicious outcome every time. From choosing the right kernels to mastering the art of timing, this book covers it all.

[3.] BONUS CHAPTER: "TEN THINGS KETTLE-KORN-SELLING-HIPPIES DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW." Uncover insider secrets that will elevate your popcorn game and leave your friends and family amazed.

[4,] FOR DUMMIES SERIES: Join the ranks of successful learners worldwide with the renowned For Dummies series. The book follows the series' tradition of providing non-intimidating guides for readers new to various topics.

The For Dummies series has been a global success, breaking down complex subjects into simple and direct prose. Recognizable by its distinctive yellow and black covers featuring the iconic "Dummies Man," this series has become a staple in households worldwide.

Books For Dummies invites popcorn enthusiasts, kitchen novices, and fans of the For Dummies series to embark on a popcorn journey like never before. The MICROWAVE POPCORN for Dummies Book is now available and promises to be a delightful addition to holiday gift lists.


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The "For Dummies" series is a renowned collection of instructional reference books designed to provide approachable and user-friendly guides on a wide range of topics. The series aims to make complex subjects more accessible to readers who may be new or unfamiliar with the material. With its distinctive yellow and black covers featuring the iconic "Dummies Man," the series has become easily recognizable and has gained widespread popularity.

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