Coes, the first and only cotton socks that have copper-infused toes, launching on Kickstarter soon.

Coes' innovative antifungal socks are designed to combat fungus with the power of 45% copper-infused toes, providing a lasting solution for fungal infections while ensuring optimal comfort and durability


  Press release published 25 Oct by COES    

Atlanta, GA , 25 Oct 2023 ( - Coes' innovative antifungal socks are designed to combat fungus with the power of 45% copper-infused toes, providing a lasting solution for fungal infections while ensuring optimal comfort and durability.

In the world of fashion and well-being, foot health is a cornerstone of overall comfort and confidence. However, the persistent and often frustrating issue of fungal infections that can plague our feet has long been a challenge. At Coes, we understand the impact these issues can have on daily life and well-being, and we've made it our mission to provide an innovative and effective solution.

Pioneering the Antifungal Revolution

Today, we are proud to introduce a groundbreaking innovation - Coes Antifungal Socks. These socks are not just ordinary foot coverings; they are the next level of proactive safeguarding for your foot health. We believe that health and fashion should go hand in hand, and these socks represent a fusion of both.

The Remarkable Power of Copper-Infused Toes

At the heart of our antifungal socks lies a remarkable feature: 45% copper-infused toes. Copper is renowned for its natural antibacterial properties and its unique ability to combat foot fungi effectively. With these socks, we're not just offering protection; we're delivering a proactive and innovative solution to the persistent issue of fungal infections.

Beyond Antifungal Benefits: Unmatched Comfort and Durability

While the primary focus of Coes Antifungal Socks is on antifungal protection, we go the extra mile to ensure that our socks provide more than just defense. We understand that socks should offer more - they should be a paragon of comfort and durability. Our socks are meticulously designed to ensure that your feet are not only kept free from fungal issues but are also exceptionally comfortable and well-cared-for. These socks are not just a protective measure; they are an essential addition to your daily attire, redefining the notion of what socks can and should be.

Pioneering the Future of Foot Health: Redefining Foot Care

In a world where fungal infections can lurk in unexpected places, Coes Antifungal Socks serve as a protective shield for your feet, ensuring a healthier, happier future for your foot health. We are not just introducing socks; we are redefining foot care. Coes Antifungal Socks are not just a product; they represent a transformative approach to foot health, one that combines innovation, style, and well-being.

Join the Coes Movement for Foot Health and Fashion

We invite you to be part of our Kickstarter campaign and embrace the future of foot health and fashion. By supporting Coes Antifungal Socks, you're not just endorsing a product; you are supporting a mission. Our mission is to provide a lasting solution to fungal infections, to reimagine comfort, and to redefine foot care. Coes Antifungal Socks are poised to make a significant impact on foot health and the way we approach fashion and health.

In a world where foot health is often overlooked, Coes Antifungal Socks are here to change the narrative. Join us in our quest to make foot health a top priority, ensuring that you can step confidently into a healthier and happier future.


Coes is more than just a socks company; it's a movement that seeks to redefine the industry's standards while promoting eco-conscious choices and sustainability. At the heart of our brand lies a dedication to innovative, durable, and environmentally friendly products.

Sustainability and Innovation: A Perfect Blend

We understand the pressing need for sustainability in the fashion world, where fast fashion and disposable culture have long held sway. Coes is committed to making a change. Our products, including the groundbreaking Coes Antifungal Socks, are a testament to this commitment. They are designed to outlast conventional options and provide lasting solutions while reducing environmental impact.

Coes Antifungal Socks: A Revolution in Foot Health

Coes Antifungal Socks, a product of Coes, have captured the attention of those who seek a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. These socks are far more than an accessory; they are a solution to a persistent problem - fungal infections. With their unique 45% copper-infused toes, these socks actively combat foot fungi, making them a game-changer in foot health.

Our Vision: A Greener, More Sustainable Future

At Coes, our vision goes beyond just selling products. We aim to empower our customers to make eco-conscious choices and contribute to a healthier planet. By extending the lifespan of our products, we're making a significant impact on reducing textile waste, conserving resources, lowering carbon emissions, and promoting cleaner manufacturing practices.

Join the Coes Movement

Coes is more than a brand; it's a movement for change. By supporting Coes and our innovative products, you're not just buying items; you're becoming part of a mission. A mission to redefine fashion, make eco-conscious choices, and embrace a more sustainable and healthier future.

Our Journey: A Future of Sustainability

As a company, our journey is a continual evolution towards a greener and more sustainable future. Whether it's through our products, our practices, or our commitment to reducing textile waste, Coes aims to inspire positive change in the world of fashion and beyond.

Join us in this transformative journey, and together, let's make a difference—one durable sock at a time.

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